iUVS Virtual Con 2012

Medicine Hat, Alberta

2012-11-29 09:00:00

About iUVS Virtual Con 2012

Attend our virtual event from the comfort of your own home or office

As technology advances new opportunities arise in the world, broadening our traditional sectors. Attend iUVS Virtual Con 2012, southeast Alberta’s first international unmanned systems virtual conference to learn how this sector is becoming an economic contributor in industries such as: agriculture, energy and law enforcement. The event will stream Live from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (MDT) on Thursday, November 29, 2012.

What will you gain from attending?

  • Be amongst leading organizations. If you are a business involved in one of the world’s traditional drivers including energy or agriculture, the technology being presented in the unmanned systems industry could potentially help decrease your expenditures and increase you revenue. Learn firsthand from top companies in or associated to the sector as to how that is possible.
  • Take your technology to market. Business support and potential investors will be attending the virtual conference, they will be ready to discuss how they can assist you in making your venture successful.
  • Strike a business deal. Are you a decision maker or a member of the public and not yet sure of the technology, visit a company's booth online and speak with a representative via real-time chat. They can answer any questions you might have.
  • Learn in an interactive environment. This platform allows for companies or academia to post videos demonstrating the technologies that they use, the research and development in motion and the opportunities that exist. Webinars will stream creating awareness of what these systems are and providing first-hand knowledge and insight into how they can best be used.

iUVS will allow you to interact with some of the world’s leading companies in the virtual exhibit hall and participate in real-time chat with their booth representatives. Download informative content, watch demonstrations of new technology and attend webcasts that offer Q&A sessions. Interested in talking to one of our keynote speakers? Visit the networking lounge where they will be made available to answer questions, or talk one-on-one with you.

Interested In Participating?

Download the sponsorship package here. If you want to learn how you can get involved in iUVS Virtual Con 2012, contact the EDA Business Team at 403-488-7015, info@edalliance.ca or visit www.edalliance.ca

  • 16.11.12
    Keynote speaker just announced: Sergeant Dave Domoney.
  • 16.11.12
    PEI- Genesis signs on for iUVS.
  • 16.11.12
    Visit Meggitt Training Systems booth on Nov 29.
  • 30.10.12
    Government of Alberta added to the list of exhibitors.
  • 29.10.12
    Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems joins iUVS roster.
  • 29.10.12
    Unmanned Systems Canada shows support to industry through sponsorship.
  • 17.09.12
    Registration Now Open! Booths start at $650.
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Agenda & Sessions

Thursday29 November 2012
8 am - 8:30 am

Mr. Drew Barnes, MLA for Cypress- Medicine Hat
"Welcoming Statement and Q&A"

Networking Lounge
12 pm - 12:30 pm

Wendy Blackwell, Executive Director and
Nichola Kondra, Associate Director
Economic Development Alliance of Southease Alberta
"Opportunities in Southeast Alberta"

Networking Lounge
3 pm - 4 pm

Dave Domoney, Staff Sergeant
South Traffic Services, F Division
"Q & A with Keynote Speaker"

Networking Lounge

Keynote Speakers

    South Traffic Services, F Division (Saskatchewan)

    F Division Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Program

DAVE DOMONEY - Staff Sergeant (S/SSgt) Dave Domoney is a 23 year veteran member with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). S/SSgt Domoney has had various postings throughout Saskatchewan and British Columbia. When posted back to Regina, Saskatchewan in June of 2010, S/Sgt Domoney decided to explore the possibility of using the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology to obtain high quality digital photographs for Collision Reconstruction. In December of 2010 S/Sgt Domoney was instrumental in the creation of the first UAS being used by the RCMP in the country. There are now a total of 19 helicopters being flown by the RCMP across the country with 9 of these units in Saskatchewan alone. S/Sgt Domoney and his team now use the UAS for Collision Reconstruction, Major Crime Scenes, Search and Rescue and Emergency Response Situations.


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Canada Tel. 1 (403) 488-7015
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